The Flare Weekender 2014

Like theatre? Frustrated by the sporadic nature of my updates on my own blog? 

Well, you’re in luck: I’m taking over the Flare Weekender 2014 blog to bring you exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes posts and reflections on some of the most innovative and exciting contemporary theatre makers working across Europe today. So, expect more of me there instead.

Moeremans&Sons: My Own Private Disaster

The Flare Weekender 2014 sees 10 different solo theatre-makers and companies come together at Manchester’s Z-Arts on the 13th and 14th June 2014 to bring you an excitingly diverse range of new work. You can enjoy your own private disaster, live-film re-imaginings of Dante’s Inferno, possessions by the spirit of Mick Jagger and a whole dance collections that have been accumulating since the 90s in one body. The weekend is rounded off with workshops, discussions and live music from Gideon Conn in the closing party.

Get your tickets over at the Z-Arts website, with tickets for the whole weekend at just £16. Spaces will be limited so get them quick!


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