International Theatre Summer School With Nicole Kehrberger

In Berlin, the beer is cheap, the trains are on time, the streets are clean and men wear their lemon-coloured jeans with pride.

After a whirlwind trip to Berlin, I am back in England. Part-training expedition, part holiday, it’s been more than just a welcome break; it’s been a creative kick-start.

2014-06-25 12.31.01

Expert teacher, Nicole Kehrberger has been putting a group of eager students through its paces in the ‘Game Of The Actor’ workshop, held at her studio near Schillerpark as part of the International Theatre Summer School 2014. The intense warm-ups, body-bending stretches, exciting games and challenging exercises turned my muscles, bones and brains to putty, which Nicole reshaped into something stronger, more agile, more experienced.

The time flew by and I’m genuinely sad to have left. Returning to perennially delayed trains and nondescript weather doesn’t help. Best of luck to the students taking part in the remaining courses with Nicole; expect to sweat a lot.

2014-06-23 16.18.24

By Gareth

London-based artist

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