Suffolk Indifference

Are you optimistic?
Do you feel good about the future?
When you fall asleep, do you smile?

I’m an emerging artist – have been for a couple of years now, cough-cough – and when I’m not trekking up Mount Everest in stilettos, I’m cycling on a bike with no wheels. And when I’m not doing that, I’m emptying the sea with a bucket.

I’ve just read a very succinct, nail-on-the-head article by Matt Trueman about how funding cuts are hobbling the progression of emerging artists and it’s a great way of feeling your heart sink through your gut like a bomb dropping through the gaping doors of a Lancaster bomber, its fleshy payload splattering all over concrete reality: KABOOM, motherfuckers.

Are you pessimistic?
Does the future make you quail?
When you fall asleep, what is it you dream of?
Do you dream?

Hush now: everything will be alright. This post ends with a gentle, understanding smile; a soft caress of the hand and a sideways, conspiratorial glance at the wings (because there’s always something in the wings).

Gareth Cutter Shadows

Published by Gareth

London-based artist

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