Weds 30th September 2015

Last day of September, three quarters of the way through the year, I realise I could actually do some pretty incredible things with this web site, and all of the other things at my disposal (mind, body, voice, camera, broken synth, make up, odd sense of rhythm etc)


Image: Fan!Riot

Partly it’s been inspired by the mild hysteria induced by the FAN!RIOT workshop with Owen G. Parry this weekend, supported by Live Art Development Agency (which was amazing) and partly it’s been inspired by returning to Manchester, getting on with my day to day existence, and thinking there needs to be more.

I was watching Karen Finley, Ron Athey and Bill T. Jones videos in bed yesterday. Have you heard Karen’s voice? Bloody hell – all you have to do is look at what she says and does, and you realise you could kick as much ass as she does if you stopped shuffling your feet.

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By Gareth

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