Dishwater Cocktail

One day I had an overwhelming urge to make a home-made apple, orange and carrot juice. I marched to the supermarket, bought everything I needed, marched home, peeled the carrot and ginger, cored the apples and juiced the oranges, and put it all in the food processor.

But a food processor is not the same as a food juicer. After 10 minutes of watching the tiny green and orange chunks go round and round and round, I knew I would not get the big glass of juice I wanted, like the one I had in Greece, so I decanted what little juice there was into a tiny glass and threw the rest of it in the compost.

Later on, when I was washing up, I mistook the glass of dirty dishwater with a little bit of orange juice in it for something much nicer. Before I realised what I was doing, I’d taken a swig of it and swallowed.

Not the first time I’ve regretted putting something in my mouth, but a small price to pay for a small pleasure.


(Nice image from Brief Magazine – NSFW)

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