I Hear You Panting At Me

Nimble, nubile sugar-wrapper do-goody goodies with milk saucer eyes, air sluicing through gritted teeth  SHEESH!  SHEESH!  SHEESH!

I watch you spin and turn and duck and weave I hear you panting. I’m not sure if you’re inviting me in. I’m not sure if you’re threatening me. I’m not sure if you’re seducing me STEP ONE TWO But I like your costumes and want to join you STEP ONE TWO But I am not sure I’ve got all my affairs in order STEP ONE TWO so that if I do get trapped in a boardroom for all eternity with you STEP ONE TWO looking over your shoulders at me like coquettish raptors, my life can be concluded with a full stop.


Categorized as Diary

By Gareth

London-based artist