1. Hesitate
  2. Hesitate and prevaricate until you are sure you’re happy with uncertainty
  3. There is no such thing as going too low
  4. Say it again
  5. Shut up
  6. Play with your eyebrows as much as you like; you don’t need eyebrows (even though yours are fantastic)
  7. Just have a chat
  8. Imagining kicking the feet from under wankers on the tube doesn’t make you evil, it makes you human
  9. 50 sit ups, 50 push ups and moisturise every day
  10. Ramble
  11. Hold on a second
  12. “Life is not worth living without art, but people are more important than art” – Karen Finley
  13. Walk into the pitch black room
  14. You’re never more insightful than when you’re being trivial
  15. Re-read your old lists
  16. Go easy on the poppers
  17. Be someone’s Madeira cake
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By Gareth

London-based artist