Sunday 4th Jun 2017


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First things first, myself and Paul Hughes are running a DIY called Men From Behind in Folkestone this August, supported by Live Art Development Agency and hosted by ]performance s p a c e[.

It’s about the gendering of penetration as a masculine act, how this has ramifications on  the flow of men’s subjectivity, and how we can dissolve the binary underpinning this all.  There’s also some fun explorations of the concept of ‘back doors’. It’s for anyone and everyone interested in opening up male bodies (their own or others’) through a ‘creative enema’ of filthy writing and subversive image-making, sneaking these performances into the public realm under the radar. Applications open until 19 June. Apply now.

2017-04-28 13.34.12

In other news, just over a month ago, I spent a few days in Peterborough at Metal with their Associate Producer, Kate Marsh and seven other great people as part of the Change Maker Labs. We were exploring the ‘in-between’ that sits beyond the ‘othered’ (my automatic spell-check just tried to change ‘othered’ into ‘bothered’) and ‘normative body’ through movement, complete with talks from visiting artists, Scottee, Luke Pell and Noemi Lakmaier, and lots of really good food. Getting time to think in such a concentrated yet free-flowing environment is pretty rare, and I’m excited about the ideas that are developing out of it.

tim spooner cambridge junction 1

Last weekend I saw Tim Spooner’s The Voice Of Nature at Cambridge Junction and it was probably one of the most enjoyable, strange and alluring things I’ve ever seen. If it comes back (it must come back) you should go see it.

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