Saturday 4th Nov 2017

Year of the Butt. Men From Behind. Naked Boys Reading: B*ttmunch. Haunted Butts. Butts, butts, butts. Why butts? Salacious homo-smut or earnest body-positive crusade? Might have manifested in either / multiple way(s). Simply quite fascinated in this ‘blind’ spot of the body and its associations. Also, I like them. Get a fair amount of pleasure from them.


Discovered: gastromancy, the Victorian-belief that spirits entered the body via rectum and spoke from the stomach (see also: ventriloquism) . Daisy Campbell speaks eloquently and enthusiastically on subject. Also, the crystal ball as surrogate belly. Listen: it growls. Historic precedent for ghosts and butts made me feel marginally less insane when creating Haunted Butts, queer performance party which was a lot of fun and work.

Mouth voice, intangible emanations from the self, polar opposites of the anus and ordure. Words escape us. Relevant to Lacan’s quilting point: language pins down a meaning like a stud in sofa upholstery; remove it and meaning unravels through a butthole aperture. See Jonathan Kemp’s ‘The Penetrated Male‘. The generative possibilities of both openings. More control over one than the other.

On digestion and eating: “all spiritual pleasure can be expressed through eating”, because “the physical assimilation is mysterious enough to be a beautiful image of the spiritual meaning” (Novalis). Also, “to love without wanting to devour must surely be anorexic” (Derrida).

[Well aware I might sound like a nob quoting philosophers whose books I’ve not read, thanks for pointing that out, let’s proceed.]


Tooth-torn and ground-down on Grindr: chomp! chomp! chomp! Oh insatiable urge. Locusts turn cannibal. Stop here for agricultural apocalypse as depicted in John Maus’s The Combine (“I hear the combine coming / It’s going to dust us all to nothing.”)

Fundamental experience and divisive subject eliciting embarrassed laughter or wide-eyed agreement. Carries sense of dirty joke around with it. Which is fine. I’m happy to laugh along.

Laptop interjects: NO BACKUPS FOR 67 DAYS | CLOSE





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