Monday 20th Nov 2017

I’m drinking a coffee I ordered by mistake in Prague airport. I thought I asked for an espresso but instead I have a really tall coffee with a bouffant of whipped cream. The coffee tastes like it’s exhausted / two men sat at a nearby table.

I sit and watch planes taxi on the wet, autumn morning tarmac. The big sign that I saw from the bus; the one that said “SkyPort”. Is that what they call it here / sat very close together.

Because the sky is the destination and our jets never come down / their legs are almost touching.

Reverie interrupted by the waiter. He has one of those barbell facial piercings that go through the upper-bridge of the nose. Brings me a ham and Emmental cheese panini on counterfeit bread. Places it on the table before me. Avoids making eye contact. And walks back towards the bar / one leans over to the other.

The scene is soundtracked by characterless dance music made by an Italian robot w/ dick-head haircut + rebellious leather biker jacket / they go for this kiss.

Bad coffee. Worse food. But not bad myself / hands clutched chastely beneath the table where I can see it.


Published by Gareth

London-based artist

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