New What: August 2019

I want my work to act like a kind of poppers on the audience: vaporous; heady; easing difficult ideas into uptight spaces.

I take a casual, sensuous and erotic approach, seducing the viewer through a striptease of detail, playing with ideas of proximity, intimacy and exchange.

I weave text, music, visual art and movement together to create hallucinatory yet strangely familiar environments. 

Back in April, I was awarded a Developing Your Creative Practice grant by Arts Council England, which I’ve been using to explore the newest / least-trained aspects of my practice: singing, movement, composing. The aim: a more agile career through a multi-faceted practice that sets me apart as a solo maker, and supports collaboration with others (as a sound designer, singer, so on). It’s a highly competitive fund, so I’m hugely grateful to receive it.

Thanks to this support, over the past few months I’ve been having regular singing lessons with professional vocal coach and session singer, Rebecca Phillips; traveled to Berlin to study Klein Technique with accredited teacher, Hanna Hegenscheidt; and been spending time in the studio working on new compositions. I’ll start showing the fruits of this work in early 2020. The introductory text at the beginning of this blog comes out of an afternoon I spent with creative producer, Michael Norton to help map out what the future might hold. This text should serve as a lodestar for how I pull all these things together.

Dinis Machado Normcore

It’s also been a busy couple of months of collaborations. In June, I spent two weeks at Siobhan Davies Dance working with choreographer Dinis Machado and four other amazing dance / art practitioners on NORMCORE: a “playground dance where the trust we place in each other allows us to discover our bodies further into places we dream of”. It will be touring a few places across Europe later this year, including a date in London on November 16th, which is on sale now.

I also co-created a new sound art piece imagining a Paralympic sportscaster panel discussion eighty years in the future with Gemma Nash (as part of CUTTER // NASH) , in collaboration with Cornbrook Creative‘s Sonic Pixels. It was commissioned as part of the Bodyparts Exhibition which ran for a week in July at Asia House. We’ll get some documentation online in the near future.

Lastly, I’m spending time planning on getting my work out over 2020. So if you’re looking for an eerie solo theatre / dance performance about intimacy with strangers, or a gig from the best ambient industrial sound art duo to span London and Manchester, get in touch.