LOAD tells the semi-fictional story of meeting Brandon Stanton, creator of the world famous photography project, Humans Of New York, which profiles ordinary and not-so-ordinary people through images and text. What starts as an innocuous interview between two men takes an unexpected and intimate turn, plunging the audience deeper into a tale of sexual misadventure, accident & emergency wards and interrogations at national borders.

The story is related by a single performer. There is no set. The lighting is minimal. All the performer has is a pair of red industrial rubber gloves and a radio mic that deepens his voice to a barely human register. Performed to a score of statuesque poses and deliberate movements, the audience is invited to contemplate a body luxuriating in slow motion, and the reliability of its digitally-modified voice.

LOAD is a reflection of a world where we are less in control of our stories than ever before, loneliness is on the rise, and where the crossing of borders (mental, physical, territorial) is fraught with danger. The performance responds by opening up on its own terms and the result is a story of intensity and anticipation punctuated by dark, droll humour.

“It is within this tension of sensuality that [Gareth] draws into relations of authority where submission or dominance are never clearly articulated. Instead he carefully allows glimpses into his erotic mind, using light, sound, and carefully controlled gestures to provide minimally staged evocations of the potential of force. I am drawn into this flirtation, left wondering what is beyond the allusion.”

El Putnam, in:Action

Previous Performances

  • Dublin Live Art Festival, Dublin – 18th August 2017
  • Chisenhale Dance Space, London – 26th May 2017
  • SPILL Festival Of Performance, Ipswich – 29th October 2016