• October 21st, Haunted Butts, London (tickets)
  • October 15th, Naked Boys Reading: B*ttmunch, London (tickets)

Past Dates (2017)

  • August 18th, LOAD, Dublin Live Art Festival, Dublin, Ireland
  • May 26th, LOAD (w/ Timber & Battery), Chisenhale Dance Space, London
  • May 2nd, PORK at BETA PUBLIC, Camden People’s Theatre
  • March 20th, Tender Loin #8, Toynbee Studios, London
  • February 3rd, Naked Boys Reading, Todmorden

Past Dates (2016)

  • November 18th, Accelerated Intimacy at Queer at Queens, Outburst Festival
  • October 30th, SPILL Festival of Performance, Ipswich – LOAD
  • October 15th, Naked Boys Reading, London
  • April 1st: Short & Sweet presents: FOOL, Victoria Baths, Manchester
  • March 12th: Big Bang, Camden People’s Theatre, London – (I Was A) Teenage Volcano
  • Feb 20th: Haphazard,  Z-arts, Manchester –  (I Am A) Volcano
  • Feb 10th: Tales of Whatever, The Castle, Manchester
  • January 21st: The Word @ HOME, Didsbury, Manchester

Past Dates (2015)

  • November 15th: Outburst Arts, Queer at Queens, Belfast
  • October 15th: Owen G. Parry’s Live!art Bodslash Lemoncrit Partytime, Artsadmin, London
  • October 3rd: Emergency, Z-arts, Manchester
  • August 17th: First Draft, The Castle Hotel, Manchester
  • June 20th: DNweekeND, Doncaster (part of #incognito by Irregular Arts)
  • April 3rd: Ca-Bear-Gay! Queer Cabaret, Leeds
  • February 8th (2015): Suburbaret. The Bedford, Balham, London

Past Dates (2014)

  • December 19th: Hashtag, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London
  • December 1stCabaret Playground, The Albany, London
  • November 13th: Mother’s Bloomers, The Kings’ Arms, Salford
  • October 31st: Live Art Community Musical, Spill Festival,  Ipswich with GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN
  • October 3rd: The Nine O’Clock News, The Storey, Lancaster with Daniel Bye
  • September 14th: Nexus Festival, Leeds with Live Art Bistro
  • August 22nd, Roadhouse Rehab, Roadhouse, Manchester w/ Bushpig
  • August 15th – Naked Boys Reading, 2022NQ, Manchester
  • August 8th -Impossible Lecture Tent, Beacons Festival, Skipton
  • June 21st – Cabaret Regale, The Dancehouse, Manchester
  • June 13th – The Flare Weekender 2014, Z-Arts, Manchester
  • June 9th – Puffball Cabaret, Manchester Royal Exchange, Manchester
  • June 8th – Puffball Cabaret, Manchester Royal Exchange, Manchester
  • 18th April – Hashtag, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London
  • 15th March: Flying Solo 2014 Pitch Night, Contact, Manchester

And if you’re interested, you can find an archive of older dates here.