Haunted Butts

Featuring: MOUSE | Lucy McCormick | Lasana Shabazz | Oozing Gloop | Gashland | Ranulph Redlin | Gareth Cutter | DJ set from Mikey XXL (Douche Bag and Pink Glove) bringing you performances, installations and visual art and many more surprises in store.

HAUNTED BUTTS plunges audiences into the depths of their nether-most regions with pop-up performances, durational experiences, visual art and DJ sets from leading queer and alternative artists late into the night. Except hair-raising anal seances, colonic possession and much, much more.

Doors: 9pm
Early bird tickets: £6
Advance tickets: £8
On the door: £10
18+ only

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Devised and curated by Gareth Cutter
Supported and presented as part of And What? Queer Arts Festival 2017.