Impossible Lecture Tent: Beacons Festival 2014

I’m not an avid festival goer. I’ve had amazing experiences at festivals like Green Man in 2012 and Roskilde way back in 2006, but you won’t find me at the Pyramid Stage every year going bug-eyed and dripping head-to-toe in mud, sweat and the splash-back of people’s urine bottle bombs. I love listening to and… Continue reading Impossible Lecture Tent: Beacons Festival 2014

Impossible Lecture Retreat: Beacons Festival

RETREAT! Go backwards, turn around, turn tail, flee. It sounds like the coward’s way out but in the face of WiFi, mobile signal, mattresses and other such distractions, it can be hard to make work as an artist. In exchange for running from these things you get blue skies, itchy eyes, the satisfying squelch of… Continue reading Impossible Lecture Retreat: Beacons Festival