Uses Of Enchantment

‘Uses Of Enchantment’ re-imagines personal and community histories as folk tales and fairy stories. The work is primarily performed live in drag as Red Riding Hood, the girl who once went into woods, went to bed with a wolf and lived to tell the tale. She accompanies herself with the banjo, collecting and sharing stories of change and transformation she has learned with an audience in whatever medium suits.

Uses of Enchantment stems out of a desire to learn more about and engage with queer history, and to act as a role model and source of information I felt I lacked in my youth. Through telling other people’s stories as well as my own, I hope to create a bridge between generations and celebrate the very process of transformation and journeying.

Gareth Cutter delivers a delightful fairytale about body hair, accompanied by some very sweet singing and great banjo accompaniment. – Jo Beggs, The Public Reviews

Photos: Ranulph Redlin


Previous Performances

  • Impossible Lecture Tent @ Beacons Festival, Skipton – 8th August 2014
  • Puffball Cabaret @ Manchester Royal Exchange, Manchester – 8th & 9th June 2014
  • X10 Birthday Party @ Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester – 25th October 2013
  • Mother’s Ruin Cabaret @ Contact Theatre, Manchester – 20th September 2013
  • Identity Parade @ Manchester Pride Fringe, The Lass O’Gowrie, Manchester – 24th August 2013
  • First Draft Cabaret @ The Castle Hotel, Manchester – 17th June 2013
  • Under Construction @ The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London – 6th June 2013
  • NEWK @ Stage Leeds, Leeds – 30th May 2013
  • First Draft Cabaret @ The Castle Hotel, Manchester – 15th April 2013

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