A volcano is getting ready to erupt… active and ominous, this volcano isn’t magma-powered but fuelled by voice alone. The more sounds you add the more unpredictable it becomes, in a collective climactic audience shout, hiss, or growl…

Volcano is a durational, interactive sound performance for all ages. Voices are captured by a loop pedal and modified by effects boxes to create a shifting soundscape, powered by the imagination of everyone who encounters it and set inside a playful make-believe volcano.

Gareth Cutter has a great understated presence, with a natural charisma that drew audiences to him and a gentle playfulness that captured the essence of the day we were trying to create. One of my favourite moments in Haphazard.

– Liz O’Neill, Artistic Director of Z-Arts

Previous performances

  • Haphazard @ Z-arts, Manchester – 20th February 2016