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2016 3/4

I’m listening to a Spotify advert that’s telling me the government is helping people become homeowners. And now there’s another advert about a web platform that will make me stand-out online. Something about chicken fillets – all the ways you can cook a chicken fillet…oh good, Lene Lovich is playing. While I’m not paying any … Continue reading 2016 3/4

2016 1/4

Where are you at as an artist currently? I’m thinking about how I can incorporate more live sound and movement into my performance, and the role / reliability of autobiography in my work. Having spent three years studying English & Creative Writing, I’m very comfortable using the written and spoken word but feel these practices … Continue reading 2016 1/4

Once More

I keep returning to a version of my life over and over again, several times – no, many times – each and every day, checking that it still has the same qualities it had when I left it, and adding some new ones I think it should have. I snip and prune it; I make … Continue reading Once More

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