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CUTTER // NASH is a collaboration between myself and Gemma Nash. Located somewhere between storytelling, ambient & industrial music, and experimental sound art, we create eerie and seductive soundscapes of electronic textures and organic found-sounds using DAWs, hacked controllers, synthesisers and our own voices as we attempt to capture and celebrate the voice’s unique, slippery qualities.

The Quips

A radio broadcast exploring the history of pirate radio, disability activism and LGBTQ+ rights within the context of Covid-19 and the diminishing protections and support for disabled and clinically extremely vulnerable people . Find out more here.

The ParaOice

A 10 minute sound art piece responding to the cultural legacy of the Paralympics, based on data gathered from the general public, and featured as part of the Bodyparts exhibition at Asia House, summer 2019.

How to Be Held: Songs of Self Soothing

New music responding to anonymous contributors who have offered lyrics, a riff, or a musical hook that they use to help themselves through tough times. Curated by Rhiannon Armstrong. Listen on SoundCloud.

Beyond Vocal Norms

A 20 minute live sound art performance catapulting the voice into the future, where popular myths are distorted and reimagined, and the voice shape shifts in mysterious ways, incorporating creative BSL interpretation.


“Their creative exploration of how music, sound art, the voice and accessibility interact is proving to be an artistically rich and productive area of work.

Susanna Eastburn, Chief Executive of Sound and Music

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