Come Closer

Step into a queer dreamscape of pulsing music, neon shadows and shimmering reflections; where the story of a lone figure floating in a void unfurls in slow and startling ways.

It starts with an innocuous encounter between two men in New York: one a famous photographer, the other a nameless drifter. But when their ‘street photography’ interview takes an unexpectedly up-close-and-personal turn, things begin to unravel, plunging the audience into a maze of hospital corridors and underground clubs where truth and fiction meld, and pleasure is never far away.

A cross between Laurie Anderson’s circular storytelling and David Lynch’s unsettling atmospherics, Come Closer is a captivating solo performance for audiences who want to explore the underbelly of autobiography, intimacy, and sexual risk-taking today.

“Gareth’s work is sharp queer activism. It is a contemporary charge of potent intent, amplifying urgent concerns of now with a touch that is at once both considered and well crafted. Highly recommended.” – Robert Pacitti, Artistic Director, Pacitti Company

Supported by Arts Council England, HOME, The Yard and The Marlborough Pub & Theatre


  • Thursday 24th January 2019, HOME, Manchester (tickets)