CUTTER // NASH is a collaboration between myself and Gemma Nash. Located somewhere between storytelling, ambient & industrial music, and experimental sound art, we create eerie and seductive soundscapes of electronic textures and organic found-sounds using DAWs, hacked controllers, synthesisers and our own voices as they attempt to capture and celebrate the voice’s unique, slippery qualities.

We’ve been experimenting with live sound art and performance emerging from our collaborative process, reflecting on the voice’s historical myths and legends, and speculating what it might sound like in the future.


Change Makers Residency Blog

Previous Performances

  • No Limits Festival, BerlinNovember 2019 
  • The ParOice, Bodyparts exhibition, Asia House – July 2019
  • Beyond Vocal Norms, Metal Peterborough – 26th September, 2018
  • The Space In-Between, SouthBank Centre, London – 6th September, 2018


Arts Council England, Metal Peterborough, Unlimited, Sound & Music

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