Big Other on Tate n Lyle’s Radio Play

Earlier this year I was invited by Paul and Rohanne at Tate n Lyle to contribute something to Radio Play: their quarterly radio broadcast where they present the creations of artists working across many, many different disciplines, reflect and speculate, and crack the overly-polished patina of so many other podcasts out there. I really recommend listening:Continue reading “Big Other on Tate n Lyle’s Radio Play”

IETM Porto

It’s been over a month since I flew back from Porto, and the dizzying experience that was IETM. This was the second plenary meeting I’ve attended (thanks to the support of the British Council and Unlimited) and it couldn’t have been more different to Brussels. That particular meeting was overwhelming, attended by nearly 900 delegates; theContinue reading “IETM Porto”