DIY10: GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN; Dickie Beau and Neil Bartlett

We’re over the halfway mark for the year and while the end of the 2013 is in sight (yes, I am looking quite far ahead) there are also fresh beginnings afoot.

This weekend I’ll be heading for a weekend in Cambridge to join GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN for ‘The Deadwood Stage’, the first in a series of DIY10 workshops that I’m attending. Facilitated by the Live Art Development Agency, they’re being held by artists across the country throughout the rest of this year. So, later in October I’ll be joining Dickie Beau in London for ‘Immaculate Perceptions’ and then November will see me travelling to Chichester to work with Neil Bartlett for ‘I Live Here’. Over the course of these workshops I will be exploring DIY live art approaches to musical theatre, how the circumstances of one’s birth might impact our later lives and how to excavate one’s own history as a source of material for performance.

There were lots of great workshops to choose from but these three felt the most relevant to my interests at the moment. The very fact that was a consideration is a big testament to the breadth of the DIY series has to offer. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you!

By Gareth

London-based artist

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